How to Change Your AOL Mail or AIM Mail Password?



Do you want to make sure even if somebody guesses or computes your AIM Mail or AOL Mail password, they cannot get access to your account for long? Do you want to change your combination to something stronger and difficult to deduce? Or do you just want your AIM Mail or AOL Mail password to be something you easily remember?

Change Your AIM Mail or AOL Mail Password

How to Change Your AOL Mail

To alter the password to your AIM Mail or AOL Mail account:

  • Log in to the AOL screen name service.
  • Make sure the Manage Your Account category is open.
  • Click (Change Password) under Password:.
  • Enter your new password under both New Password: and Confirm Password:.
    • Ideally, your password is both difficult to guess and easy to remember.
  • Click Save.

Note that good passwords changed periodically do not protect against keyloggerson your computer and people peeking at you typing the password.

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