How to Check your Spelling in Gmail

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How to Check your Spelling in Gmail

The spelling of many of the world’s many languages has evolved to plague typists with idiosyncrasies and false analogs. English is, of course, a particular case in point.

That makes English a hard nut to crack not only for humans spelling, of course but also for electronic tools checking humans’ spellings. They do try, though, and catch many an error.

Take the spelling checker built into Gmail, for example.

It will catch many misspellings not only in English but also in a great number of other languages; not only can you pick the language to use, of course, Gmail can detect the language you used in your email automatically, too.

Check the Spelling in Gmail

To have Gmail check the spelling of an email you are composing in it:

  • Click the More options button () in the message’s toolbar.
  • Select Check spelling from the menu that has appeared.
  • To correct a spelling mistake with a suggestion provided by Gmail:
    • Click the misspelled word, its misspelling indicated by a yellow text background color.
    • Select the correct spelling from the menu that has appeared.
      • You can also fix any misspellings directly in the message’s text, of course.
  • Click Recheck at any time to check any changes.

Gmail will try to guess the language in which to check what you have written. You can also have the Gmail spelling checker use a specific language, however.

Check the Spelling (Using a Specific Language) in Gmail

To check spelling in a specific language with Gmail:

  • Engage the Gmail spelling checker. (See above.)
  • Click the downward-pointed triangle () next to Recheck in the spelling checker toolbar.
  • Select the desired language from the list.
  • Click Recheck.

Gmail will not remember your language choice; Auto is the default for new emails.

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