How to Access Yahoo Mail in Gmail?

How to Get New Mail Notifications on the Desktop for Gmail?

How to Access Yahoo Mail in Gmail?

How to Access Yahoo Mail in Gmail?

Gmail is elegant, Yahoo! Mail awkward. Yahoo! Mail is slow, Gmail speedy. Yahoo! Mail is cumbersome; Gmail handy.Gmail is flexible, Yahoo! Mail rigid.

If you find Gmail so much better than Yahoo! Mail that you want to use the former exclusively, you can — and keep your Yahoo! Mail address to boot by sending and receiving messages using your Yahoo! Mail address in Gmail. Setting up a Yahoo! Mail account in Gmail allows Gmail to download all newly arriving messages at your Yahoo!

Mail address and lets you to send emails  using your Yahoo! Mail address right from Gmail.

Access Yahoo! Mail from Gmail

To set up access to your Yahoo! Mail Plus account in Gmail (to receive messages from the account in your Gmail inbox and send messages using your Yahoo! Mail address from Gmail):

  1. Make sure you have a current Yahoo! Mail Plus subscription.
  2. Click the Settings gear in Gmail.
  3. Select Settings from the menu that appears.
  4. Go to the Accounts and Import tab.
  5. Click Add a POP3 mail account you own (or Add another email address you own) under Check mail from other accounts (using POP3):.
  6. Type your Yahoo! Mail address under Email address:.
  7. Click Next Step ».
  8. Enter your full Yahoo! Mail address under Username:.
  9. Type your Yahoo! Mail password under Password.
  10. Make sure is selected under POP Server:.
    • Use or for AT&T email.
    • If the desired server does not appear in the drop-down menu:
      1. Select Other….
      2. Type the server name under POP Server:.
  1. Make sure 995 is selected under Port:.
  2. Typically, check Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server.
    • With Leave a copy of retrieved messages on the server. not checked, Gmail will delete messages it has retrieved from your Yahoo! Mail account.
  3. Make sure Always use a secure connection (SSL) when retrieving mail. is checked.
  1. Optionally, check Label incoming messages: and pick a label to make emails downloaded from Yahoo! Mail easily recognizable and accessible in one place in Gmail.
  2. Optionally, check Archive incoming messages (Skip the Inbox) to create archived copies of your new Yahoo! Mail messages without having them interfere with your using Gmail with your Gmail address normally.
  3. Click Add Account » (or Add Account if you have already set up Gmail to let you send from the Yahoo! Mail address before; in this case, you’re done).
  4. Make sure Yes, I want to be able to send mail as ___. is selected under Would you also like to be able to send mail as ___?.
  5. Click Next Step ».
  6. Enter the name you want to appear in the From: line when you send mail using your Yahoo! Mail address from Gmail under Name:.
  7. Typically, make sure Treat as an alias. checked.
    • Having the Yahoo! Mail address treated as an alias means Gmail will view mail from your Yahoo! Mail address as coming from you and mail to your Yahoo! Mail address as sent to you.
    • If you send a message from Yahoo! Mail to your Gmail address with Treat as an alias. enabled and reply in Gmail, your Gmail address will appear in the To: field instead of the Yahoo! Mail address; to prevent this, do make sure Treat as an alias. is not checked.
  1. If you want replies to messages you send from Gmail using your Yahoo! Mail address to go to an address different from your Yahoo! Mail address:
    1. Click Specify a different “reply-to” address.
    2. Type the desired address for answers under Reply-to address:.
  2. Click Next Step ».
  3. Make sure Send through SMTP servers is selected.
  4. Enter “” under SMTP Server:.
  5. Make sure 465 is selected under Port:.
  6. Enter your Yahoo! Mail address under Username:.
  7. Type your Yahoo! Mail password under Password:.
  8. Make sure Secured connection using SSL is selected.
  9. Click Add Account ».
  10. Click Send Verification if you are prompted.
  1. Open the email from “Gmail Team ” with the subject “Gmail Confirmation – Send Mail as ___” sent to your Yahoo! Mail address.
  2. Copy the confirmation code.
  3. Paste the code under Enter and verify the confirmation code in the Gmail Add another email address you own window.
  4. Click Verify.

Note that Gmail access does require a Yahoo! Mail Plus subscription; it does not work with plain Yahoo! Mail accounts.

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