How to Add a Preview Pane to Gmail?

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How to Add a Preview Pane to Gmail?

How to Add a Preview Pane to Gmail?

You can add a reading pane to Gmail—and pick between having in to the right or below the message list, too.

Do You Want to See More at Once in Gmail?

Do you want to see a list of emails, albeit a richly concise one, or the emails themselves plus a list of your messages, still rich and concise?

In Gmail, you can have both; you can even pick whether you want the message and list to be arranged side by side—ideal for wide browser windows and screens—or on top of each other—ideal for wide emails and narrow screens.

Add a Preview Pane to Gmail

To read messages using a preview pane in Gmail:

  1. Make sure Preview Pane is enabled in Gmail Labs. (See below.)
  2. Click the​ Toggle split pane mode button in your Gmail inbox.
    • The Toggle split pane mode button should be in the toolbar that also includes the Refresh,  Select and More buttons, for instance.
  3. Now select any message in the list to view it in the preview pane.
    You can click on the message or highlight it with the black triangular arrow (use j and k to position it).

Set Up the Gmail Preview Pane for Widescreen or Traditional Layout

To toggle between a vertical split that works nicely with a wide browser window and a horizontal split for the Gmail preview pane that affords more width to the message text:

  1. Click the down arrow next to the Toggle split pane mode button in your Gmail inbox.
  2. Select
    • Vertical Split from the menu that has appeared for a widescreen layout that places message previews next to the message list and
    • Horizontal Split for a traditional layout that has message previews appear beneath the list of messages.

Enable “Preview Pane” in Gmail Labs

To make sure Gmail’s preview pane is enabled for your account in Gmail Labs:

  1. Click the Settings gear icon () in Gmail.
  2. Select Settings from the menu that has appeared.
  3. Go to the Labs category.
  4. Type “preview pane” under Search for a lab:.
    • You do not have to finish the words to locate the option.
  1. Make sure Enable is selected under Preview Pane.
  2. Click Save Changes.

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