How to Add Recipients to a Gmail Group Fast?

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How to Add Recipients to a Gmail Group Fast?

How to Add Recipients to a Gmail Group Fast?

How to Add Recipients to a Gmail Group Fast?

Good Groups Are Better with More Members

That list of email addresses in the To: (or maybe the Cc:) line is not pretty; it is not sensitive or gentle; sensible or recommended; it is quite helpful as, well, a list of email addresses, though, for setting up a group in Gmail that will let you address all those same people fast.

Of course, you need not pick up the list of names and addresses from an email—or anywhere.

The same process that turns recipient lists from messages into Gmail groups also lets you enter them manually in as fast a fashion as you can type (without any clicking or navigating to interrupt).

Add Recipients to a Gmail Group Fast

To add email addresses to a group in Gmail contacts as a list (from a received message’s To: or Cc: line, for instance):

  1. Go to Contacts in Gmail.
    • Make sure you open the standard version, not Contacts Preview.
    • Type g followed immediately by c with Gmail keyboard shortcutsenabled.
    • In Contacts Preview, you can select More | Leave the Contacts preview.
  2. Select the desired group on the left.
    • You can also create a new group, of course: click New Group…, enter the desired name and click OK; then select the new group.
  3. Click Add to “[group name]” in the toolbar just above the list of existing members.
  4. Enter all the people and addresses you want to add.
    1. Separate recipients by comma (,) or semicolon (;).
    2. You can use just email addresses or names and addresses; if you add a name, make sure the email address appears in angle brackets: Frank .
    3. A list of people and addresses reading like
      Frank , Kawamata Hachiko ; , chakide@example.comwould add four new members to the list, for instance, two with names.
  1. Click Add.
    • If an address is already a member of the group, Gmail will not create a duplicate entry.

Now, you can mail the newly grown group fast.

Add Recipients to a Gmail Group in Contacts Preview

To add entries from your Gmail address book to a group in Contacts Preview:

  1. Open Gmail Contacts Preview.
    • ​Click Gmail in Gmail and select Contacts from the menu that has appeared.
  1. Check all contacts you want to add to the group.
    • ​If an address you want to add is not in your address book, use Add new contact to create an entry for it.
    • Use the Search for anyone field to find contacts.
  2. Click the Change groups button in the toolbar.
  3. Select the group to which you want to add the address or addresses from the list that has appeared.


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