How to Delete a Contact From Gmail?

How to Delete a Contact From Gmail?

How to Delete a Contact From Gmail?

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How to Delete a Contact From Gmail?

You can delete any contact from your Gmail address book and Google Contacts in a few simple steps.

Keep Good Company—Only

No idea who “Sehhil Diuincf” could be? Is your Gmail address book is full of clients’ addresses now kept elsewhere? Whatever your reasons for purging, Gmail makes removing an address book entry easy—as long as you find the address book and the address.

Delete a Contact from Gmail

To remove a contact or email address from your Gmail address book:

  1. Open Contacts in Gmail.
    • Click Gmail near your Gmail inbox’s top left corner and select Contacts from the menu that appears.
  2. Make sure all contacts you want to delete are checked.
    • To check an entry, hover the mouse button over the contact’s icon (in front of their name or email address) and click the checkbox that appears.
    • You can use the search field on top to find address book entries.
    • Note that a new search will deselect any previously checked contacts.
  3. Click Delete in the toolbar that has appeared.
  4. Now select Delete from the menu that appears.
    • In a previous version of Gmail Contacts:
      1. Click More in the toolbar.
      2. Select Delete contacts (or Delete contacts) from the menu that has appeared.

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