How to Unlink Gmail Accounts?

How to Delete a Contact From Gmail?

How to Unlink Gmail Accounts?

How to Unlink Gmail Accounts

Who has but one Gmail account? Who wants to log in and out of accounts all the time or leave five different browsers (or virtual machines) open at all times?

So, you linked the Gmail accounts in your browser for easy switching—and now you want to switch to just one account again, or possibly remove one address from the linked list.

Breaking the link—and the link between all Gmail accounts—is easy, though perhaps not obvious.

Note that you will have to log on to each account again afterwards,not access them individually, or to link them.

Unlink Gmail Accounts

To separate Gmail accounts when you have set them up—and logged in—for easy switching:

  • Open one of the Gmail accounts in your browser.
  • Click your photo, icon, name or email address near Gmail’s top right corner.
  • Select Sign out from the menu that shows.

This will log you out of the current account as well as any Gmail accounts connected to it right now and will sever these ties. To enable easy Gmail account switching again, you will have to log in to both accounts again.

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