How to Minimize Outlook to the System Tray?

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How to Minimize Outlook to the System Tray?

How to Minimize Outlook to the System Tray?

How to Minimize Outlook to the System Tray?

You can keep Outlook open and still hide it from your Windows task bar by minimizing it to its System Tray icon.

Outlook: Always There, Yet Not Always There

If you have Outlook open literally all day (and night) long, it is more of an inventory in Windows than an application. It should not occupy a place in the task bar, at least not when you are not currently working in it, when it is minimized.

No, Outlook’s place should be in the system tray, where it is readily accessible but not in the way.

Minimize Outlook to the System Tray

To minimize Outlook to its stylish icon in the Windows system tray:

  1. Click on the Outlook icon in the system tray with the right mouse button.
  2. Make sure Hide When Minimized is checked in the menu that has appeared.
    • ​If Hide When Minimized is not checked, select it from the menu.

Now, when you minimize Outlook, it should disappear from the task bar.

What If Outlook Still Shows in the Task Bar?

If you can still see the Outlook icon in the Windows task bar, it may be pinned to it.

To remove a closed or minimized Outlook from the task bar:

  1. Click on Outlook in the task bar with the right mouse button.
  2. Select Unpin from taskbar if you see that option in the menu.

Restore Outlook After It Has Been Minimized to the System Tray

To open Outlook again after it has been hidden to the system tray (and disappeared from the task bar):

  1. Double-click the Outlook system tray icon.

You can also click on the Outlook system tray icon with the right mouse button and select Open Outlook from the menu that appears.

Make Sure the Outlook System Tray Icon Is Visible

To unhide and make visible in the main system tray the Outlook icon:

  1. Click the Show hidden icons arrowhead () in the system tray.
  2. Grab the Microsoft Outlook icon from the expanded tray with the mouse.
  3. Holding the mouse button down, drag it to the main system tray area.
  1. Drop the icon by releasing the mouse button.

To hide the Outlook icon, drag it to the Show hidden icons arrowhead.

Minimizing Outlook 2000 and Earlier Versions to the Tray

If you use Outlook 2000 or an earlier version, which do not include the functionality to minimize to the system tray, try OutTray or HideOutlook.


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