How to Change Your Yahoo Mail Password?

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Changing your Yahoo! Mail password periodically helps keep your account—and your emails—secure.

Change Your Yahoo! Mail Password

To update your Yahoo! Mail password:

How to Change Your Yahoo Mail Password

  1. Hover the mouse cursor over the gear icon near your Yahoo! Mail’s top right corner.
  2. Select Account Info from the menu that comes up.
    • In Yahoo! Mail Basic:
      1. Make sure Account Info is selected in the navigation menu in Yahoo! Mail Basic’s top navigation bar.
      2. Click Go.
  3. If prompted:
    1. Type your Yahoo! Mail password under Password.
    2. Click Sign In.
  4. Open the Account security section.
  5. If prompted:
    1. Type your Yahoo! Mail password over Re-enter Password.
    2. Click Next.
  6. Follow the Change password link under Account security.
  7. Enter the desired new password over both New password and Confirm new password.
    1. Ideally, the password is both secure and easy to remember. Change it frequently—just like now; congratulations!—to help protect your Yahoo! Mail account from unwarranted access.
    8. Click Continue.
That’s it your password has changed.

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